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Intelligent insurance

Life Insurance is often perceived as staid and unchanging in spite of the fact that the industry has continually responded creatively to meet the changing needs of the buying public. It wasn’t that long ago that intelligent insurance would have been a contradiction in terms. Insurance was not intelligent; it was reactive — more about protection than progressive action.

Insurance has been reborn

With over four decades worth of experience, JR KATZ has witnessed the creation of many innovative life insurance solutions... solutions that offer a true sense of imagination and creativity that are backed by remarkable results.

Today, insurance is being used in ways people have never before conceived. As students of insurance for almost 40 years, we at JR KATZ have been on the front lines of change from our very beginning.

Introducing insurance beyond the numbers

Insurance is dynamic, proactive, powerful. It is an essential part of wealth transfer planning, executive benefits planning and insurance portfolios. It is a vehicle for generating personal wealth and fueling business growth — a means to an end, not the end itself. It is being judged by the impact it has on the financial lives and futures of the people and organizations it touches. It is what we call insurance beyond the numbers.

It is how JR KATZ is rewriting the rules on insurance.