Asset Protection through Tax Planning

The secret behind JR KATZ’s is found in our unique perspective on insurance and how it can work for you to protect and promote your wealth and legacy. The financial professionals at JR KATZ are your strategic partners, dedicated to client advocacy, protecting your brand through all stages of tax planning, asset protection, and wealth management.

In designing asset protection strategies and tax planning programs, we talk with you one-on-one. We get to know you and your company in order to direct the best strategy for your unique situation. Our expertise comes from advising generations of clients as well as the study and advancement of actuarial science. We avoid high-risk transactions and pride ourselves on being aggressively cautious while remaining cautiously aggressive.

The JR KATZ difference is found in the way we assess our clients. We take care of your current concerns and adhere to your preferences - be it for tax planning, asset protection, or any other services. Our approach equips you with new tools to harness your wealth and realize your objectives. This driving focus on what life insurance can accomplish is demonstrated in each step of our process.

How Life Insurance and Asset Protection Are Related

In a strategy review, our financial professionals will present only concepts that are designed to benefit you and your company. There are many innovative ways to harness the unique financial dynamics of insurance, and we can help you unlock these benefits to reach your financial goals.

Additionally, an existing portfolio is reviewed based on policy performance, carrier financials and insured health. Each of these interrelated areas begins with the most basic assessments and escalates to more highly sophisticated analyses. JR KATZ submits formal life insurance applications as the final step in the acquisition process in order to protect our clients and their access to the life insurance market, now and in the future.

JR KATZ takes the worry out of managing your wealth by maintaining control of critical and confidential information. The details of your asset protection, wealth transfer strategies, and tax plans are kept confidential. Reviews are always conducted before anything is shared. In addition, we keep you fully informed and up-to-date on the status of each policy. We provide regular reviews, updates and structural evaluations that address any issues that arise. Our financial professionals are passionate about keeping you safe in order to secure your wealth and legacy.

Life Insurance Solutions Fused With Innovation

If that weren’t enough, JR KATZ also accesses cutting-edge technology and financial and actuarial resources to provide in-depth research and industry overview. While other organizations claim to have market access, JR KATZ enjoys true market influence through PartnersFinancial. The resources they provide allow our staff to conduct advanced portfolio management, risk management analyses as well as other planning designs. Additionally they provide direct underwriting interface with over 20 major life insurance companies. All this allows us to take insurance beyond the numbers and infuse it with intelligence, insight and ingenuity. This is what sets JR KATZ apart.