Executive Benefits

While traditional corporate benefit programs are sufficient for the majority of employees within an organization, these plans often fall short of providing highly valued executives the level of corporate benefits that is commensurate with their requirements. This “benefit inequality” is the result of the relatively higher level of an executive’s compensation, as compared to the regulatory restrictions and caps that limit traditional corporate benefit programs.

Many organizations have turned to specially designed executive benefits offerings as a means to combat this inequality and restore parity; and thus have discovered an attraction and retention tool highly valued by their executives. At JR KATZ, we help organizations design and implement customizable executive benefit programs that align the needs of the executive with the goals of the organization.

We know each company is unique, and therefore requires different solutions. In order to determine the appropriateness of an executive benefit plan, JR KATZ first develops an understanding of your company’s distinctive attributes and challenges.

JR KATZ’s Executive Benefit solutions are tailored based upon our clients’ needs and goals, and can incorporate one or many of the following strategies:

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