The JR Katz Approach

The JR Katz Approach

Our approach equips you with new tools to harness your wealth and realize your objectives. This driving focus on what life insurance can accomplish is demonstrated in each step of our process.

Strategy Review:

We present only concepts that make sense, and that make sense for you.

Complex income and estate tax laws have encouraged many creative ways to harness the unique financial dynamics of life insurance. We cull those with real value and identify the key attributes (philanthropic, wealth transfer, income tax savings).

Portfolio Review:

We uncover ways to make existing portfolios perform at their best.

We review existing portfolios based on a three sided pyramid of Policy Performance. Carrier Financials and Insured Health. Each of these interrelated areas begins with the most basic and escalates to a highly sophisticated analysis.

We place the correct emphasis on each area based on risk. For example, an insurance company in severe financial distress may render policy performance a moot point.

This entire process takes place in the context of meeting current needs and preferences.

Policy Implementation:

We provide the foundation for success. JR KATZ submits formal life insurance applications as the final step in the acquisition process to protect our clients and their access to the life insurance market, now and in the future.

Our informal underwriting protocol:

Plan Administration:

Monitoring the ongoing performance of a life insurance portfolio is an absolute necessity if it is to accomplish its purpose. We keep you fully informed and up-to-date on the status of each policy. We provide regular reviews, updates and structural evaluations that address any issues that arise.

Ensuring peace of mind - today, tomorrow and beyond.