If there's one thing that JR KATZ financial professionals have, it's experience. For almost 40 years we have guided generations of families, individuals and businesses in their financial endeavors. We find that going beyond what is expected is where our success lies. By avoiding cookie-cutter solutions and by utilizing malleable processes, we are able to develop the most innovative and successful strategic life insurance structures to suit our clients individual requirements.

Our life insurance strategies are designed to help uncover ways to ensure your legacy. We offer custom-crafted wealth transfer solutions backed by dedicated implementation and outstanding service.

At JR KATZ, we feel that our values are reflected in the level of results we consistently deliver. For high net-worth individuals we offer almost four decades worth of life insurance solutions that optimize the impact of their wealth and wealth transfer strategies. Whether clients require personal or business-related strategic insurance solutions, JR KATZ creativity and resources are unrivaled in delivering solutions that incorporate a wide range of insurance based solutions.

Innovative Life Insurance Strategies

Think of JR KATZ as your partner; rather than placing clients in categories, we approach the discovery of life insurance solutions as an advocate. This helps us uncover the optimal solutions for our clients’ individual needs. We have a unique ability to understand and facilitate wealth and success goals and enable our clients to accomplish their vision for family, business and community legacies. JR KATZ professionals are passionate about what we do… and part of our service is helping our clients achieve their dreams.

Proper wealth management begins with designing your unique mold. We will take a look at where your family and your business intersect, where you can benefit from the overlay of various taxes through life insurance, and how you can give back to the community that has supported you, a fulfilling goal you can achieve sooner than you may think.

Life Insurance Planning for High Net Worth Individuals

JR KATZ is committed to the highest standards of ethics. We avoid high-risk transactions and pride ourselves on being aggressively cautious while remaining cautiously aggressive. Our financial professionals can help high net-worth individuals maintain assets of illiquid estates, provide equally for their heirs in any financial situation, and ensure that their inherited wealth promotes their legacy.

Our highly strategic, carefully coordinated approach to wealth management ensures our high-net worth clients’ financial legacies are being realized. We are focused on the use of life insurance and have developed the skills required in this specialized field.

Life insurance is dynamic. It is the newest non-correlated asset class, offering the power to protect and promote wealth.

JR KATZ uses your distinct aspirations as our strategic framework. The goals you envision today can be achieved with our proven strategies.

Start making your insurance work for you. Contact JR KATZ to discuss your individual requirements today.