Intelligent insurance

Life Insurance is often perceived as staid and unchanging in spite of the fact that the industry has continually responded creatively to meet the changing needs of the buying public. It wasn’t that long ago that intelligent insurance would have been a contradiction in terms. Insurance was not intelligent; it was reactive — more about protection than progressive action.

Insurance has been reborn

With over four decades worth of experience, JR KATZ has witnessed the creation of many innovative life insurance solutions... solutions that offer a true sense of imagination and creativity that are backed by remarkable results.

Today, insurance is being used in ways people have never before conceived. As students of insurance for almost 40 years, we at JR KATZ have been on the front lines of change from our very beginning.

Introducing insurance beyond the numbers

Insurance is dynamic, proactive, powerful. It is an essential part of wealth transfer planning, executive benefits planning and insurance portfolios. It is a vehicle for generating personal wealth and fueling business growth — a means to an end, not the end itself. It is being judged by the impact it has on the financial lives and futures of the people and organizations it touches. It is what we call insurance beyond the numbers.

JR KATZ is rewriting the rules on insurance




Wealth Transfer

Executive Benefits

  • Retirement and Risk Management

Related Capabilities

  • Corporate Benefits, Retirement Planning, and Risk Management


  • Strategy Review

    We present only concepts that make sense, and that make sense for you.

    Complex income and estate tax laws have encouraged many creative ways to harness the unique financial dynamics of life insurance. We cull those with real value and identify the key attributes (philanthropic, wealth transfer, income tax savings).

  • Portfolio Review

    We uncover ways to make existing portfolios perform at their best.

    We review existing portfolios based on a three sided pyramid of Policy Performance, Carrier Financials and Insured Health. Each of these interrelated areas begins with the most basic and escalates to a highly sophisticated analysis.

    We place the correct emphasis on each area based on risk. For example, an insurance company in severe financial distress may render policy performance a moot point.

    This entire process takes place in the context of meeting current needs and preferences.

  • Policy Implementation

    We provide the foundation for success. JR KATZ submits formal life insurance applications as the final step in the acquisition process to protect our clients and their access to the life insurance market, now and in the future.

    Our informal underwriting protocol:

    • Maintains control of critical, confidential information

    • Provides the opportunity to conduct a comprehensive review prior to sharing this information with insurance carriers

    • Allows us to advocate for our clients in the life insurance market by creating and managing competition between life insurance companies

  • Plan Administration

    Monitoring the ongoing performance of a life insurance portfolio is an absolute necessity if it is to accomplish its purpose. We keep you fully informed and up-to-date on the status of each policy. We provide regular reviews, updates and structural evaluations that address any issues that arise. 

Jon Gerbie

Client Advisor

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Christine Griffith

Director,, Underwriting and New Policy Administration

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Julie Hoffman

Director, Client Service



Jordon Katz


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Frank Hirsch


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Jonathan Katz


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Michael Becker

Case Design and Client Service

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Lynn Tufano

Director, Operations and Finance

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Lionel Alferez

Senior Life Insurance Administrator

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In an ever-changing industry, JR KATZ offers remarkable stability and continuity. JR KATZ is a multi-generational organization with a strong understanding of the values and ideals that play a role in wealth transfer planning for families.

JR KATZ is backed by the financial strength and scale of PartnersFinancial. As one of the largest independent distributors of life insurance in the United States, PartnersFinancial is a national community of industry-leading, independent life insurance and financial professionals. JR KATZ accesses cutting-edge technology and financial and actuarial resources to provide in-depth research and industry overview. While other organizations claim to have market access, JR KATZ enjoys true market influence through PartnersFinancial.

PartnersFinancial resources are provided by a highly professional staff dedicated to:

  • Insurer due care – monitoring the financial health of insurance companies

  • Actuarial analysis of products

  • Executive benefits design, implementation and administration

  • Dedicated insurance company underwriting departments

  • Underwriting advocates with expertise in specialized areas

  • Advanced planning design

  • Technology to improve insurance portfolio management

  • In house legal, financial and actuarial expertise

  • Direct underwriting interface with over 20 major life insurance companies

Life insurance is no longer the staid and static planning tool of decades past. Today, it is the newest non-correlated asset class, with the power to protect and promote wealth.

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