A multi-generational organization with a strong understanding of the values and ideals that play a role in wealth transfer planning, JR KATZ offers families and their advisors stability and continuity.

In an ever-changing industry, we go beyond the numbers to help families and their advisors to uncover invaluable insight into the family’s philosophical and wealth transfer objectives, and form the foundation of a strategy that helps ensure every component of an insurance portfolio is working together to deliver the best results.

We begin every engagement by asking the questions that get to the root of the issues the family faces every day. We conduct a thorough analysis of insurance portfolios against the current marketplace and implement solutions that meet and exceed the family’s wealth transfer goals. With almost four decades as a family advocate, JR KATZ has gained significant experience in designing insurance-based solutions that best address the family’s distinct considerations such as:

Balance… to help the family achieve philosophical and financial equilibrium.

Transference… to help the family maximize the impact of acquired liquidity and the strategies available to achieve wealth transfer objectives.

Legacy Property… to help the family ensure the permanency of a legacy property.

Business Continuity / Business Succession… to help the family financially train successors to meet their responsibility.

Estate Preservation and Perpetuation… to help the family achieve their multi-generational wealth transfer objectives.

Parity… to help the family establish equality within.

Philanthropic Goals…. to help the family best meet their philanthropic objectives.

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