Reduce the impact of income taxes and eliminate contribution limits.  Run your own personalized scenario to see the impact on your personal retirement planning objectives.  

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The Problem


Tax-free compounding is fundamental to maximizing retirement wealth, but traditional non-taxable accounts, such as 401(k)s and Roth IRAs, have significant contribution limits.


  • 401k annual contributions are limited to $19.5k 

  • Roth IRA annual contributions are limited to $6k

  • Couples earning over $206k are not allowed to contribute to a Roth IRA  

The Solution


The Private Retirement Plan is a non-taxable structure and can produce significantly more retirement wealth compared to  a taxable account 


  • Values accumulate tax-deferred 

  • Investment allocation can be customized 

  • Appreciated assets can be reallocated without tax

  • Funds can be withdrawn without a taxable event

  • Accumulated value is income tax-free upon death

  • Can be structured to avoid estate taxes

How does the Private Retirement Plan compare to a Taxable Account?


  • Male, Age 45

  • Annual Funding: $30,000 to Age 65

  • Annual Retirement Net Income: $220,000 Beginning @ Age 72

  • Death Benefit @ Age 92

  • Taxable Account Effective Tax Rate on Growth: See Chart

  • Taxable Account Effective Tax Rate on Withdrawals: See Chart

  • Net Rate of Return:  7%


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Tax Assumptions

Net Rate of Return

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