As students of insurance for more than 40 years, JR KATZ financial professionals have acquired vast intellectual capital – the wisdom and knowledge that comes from guiding individuals, families and their advisors for generations.

Through experience we have come to understand insurance in a different way, as a progressive vehicle for the preservation of wealth – a means to an end, not the end itself. We believe it is this perspective that has kept us at the forefront of the industry, transforming the way insurance is viewed and used to perpetuate the benefits of wealth.

JR KATZ financial professionals take a strategic and thoughtful approach to wealth transfer planning that includes risk management as an important element, and incorporates our core commitment to go beyond policies, beyond programs, beyond the status quo – to cultivate the innovative solutions and structures that help protect and promote financial futures.

We believe we have earned a reputation for creating intelligent wealth transfer planning solutions, backed by outstanding client service and dedicated execution. We go far beyond just creating a high-touch experience. Utilizing a malleable process, we work with you to develop the strategic wealth transfer structures required by your individual situation.




Wealth Transfer

Executive Benefits

  • Retirement and Risk Management

Related Capabilities

  • Corporate Benefits, Retirement Planning, and Risk Management

JR KATZ Provides Insurance Anchored Solutions for

Estate Preservation, Parity and Perpetuation

Maintaining assets of illiquid estates, providing equally for heirs in different financial situations, creating incentives to ensure that inherited wealth promotes your legacy. These goals can be accomplished through proper planning with life insurance

Business Continuity, Succession and Transfer

Funding Buy-Sell liabilities, providing key executive coverage, addressing the intersection of business and personal planning. Life insurance plays a critical role in the survival of business during times of sudden or difficult transition.

Income, Gift and Estate Tax Considerations

There are unique opportunities to benefit from the overlay of these different taxes through life insurance. The consensus that income tax rates will continue to go up in the future strongly suggests that the favorable tax treatment of life insurance can provide an effective means of mitigating the corrosive impact of taxes on wealth.

Attracting, Retaining and Motivating Key Employees


Executives who are vital to the success of an enterprise present a variety of business challenges which can be effectively addressed through innovative life insurance anchored strategies. The facts and circumstances of each situation can determine the type, size and characteristics of the appropriate non-qualified plan.

Life Insurance Portfolio Management

Existing life insurance policies that have been in place for years can represent a significant untapped and underutilized resource. Specialized analytical tools can uncover opportunities to enhance the return on life insurance portfolios, generating a positive impact on overall investment portfolio performance.

Philanthropic Goals

Giving back to the community and organizations that nurtured your success can be a lifelong goal. Life insurance can facilitate significant gifts that would otherwise impact heirs.

To learn how JR KATZ can help transform the way you view wealth transfer planning contact us today.