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The affluent confront risks to their family or business that can impact liquidity, financial certainty and capital preservation.

For over four decades, JR KATZ has utilized insurance anchored solutions to help clients anticipate and hedge these risks.


JR KATZ provides insurance anchored solutions to specific client planning objectives.

Our solutions are constructed through a meticulous process designed to deliver a true alpha to our clients. 

This process necessitates collaboration with our clients and their key advisors.

Income Tax Mitigation

Private Placement Structures with Institutional Pricing

Wealth Transfer

Maximize Funds Transferred to Family or Charity

Business Succession

Retain and Incentivize Key Employees

Capital Preservation

Transfer Market Risk, Guarantee Outcomes, and Reduce Taxes

Retirement Income

Implement Tax Advantaged Structures to Maximize Retirement Income

Premium Financing

A Tax Efficient Options for Funding Large Life Insurance Premiums


With almost 50 years of experience, we have access and established relationships with the insurance companies.  

This enables us to produce exceptional results for our clients.  

After the solution is implemented, our policy management process is designed to deliver the expected outcome by continually monitoring product performance and changing client circumstances.

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5 Revere Dr., Suite 550, Northbrook, IL 60062

Tel:  847-564-8430

Insurance Anchored Solutions for High Net Worth Clients

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