For over 4 decades, JR KATZ has remained at the forefront of the industry, transforming the way insurance is viewed and used. We provide a wide range of insurance anchored solutions and leverage our partnerships to perpetuate wealth and deliver innovative corporate and executive benefit solutions.


JR KATZ goes beyond the numbers to help you bring the bigger picture into sharper focus. We provide an independent perspective and a critical review of your current life insurance portfolio and its intended impact. We can help provide innovative tools that enhance your overall wealth transfer structures.


JR KATZ - Client Advocacy

JR KATZ is renowned for its approach to insurance products based on a platform of client advocacy. Over the years, we have asked our clients to evaluate us based on two criteria:

  • The quality of the thinking we bring to the table, and

  • The results they achieve by working with us


We take this approach because we have a wealth of intellectual capital – the wisdom, knowledge and experience that can only come from advising multiple generations. So, while there has never been a shortage of places for our clients to “buy insurance”, they recognize the value of our unique blend of tax planning, finance, psychology and actuarial science.

We bring that insurance acumen – augmented by the industry resources of PartnersFinancial – to everything we do.

Ensuring Your Legacy

Insurance beyond the numbers is not insurance in the absence of numbers, but numbers in the proper context of what life insurance means to you.

We have built a reputation for custom crafted wealth transfer solutions, backed by dedicated implementation and outstanding service. We utilize a malleable process to develop the strategic life insurance structures required by your situation.

We Uncover Greater Opportunities

We accomplish this by using the right process. We create an atmosphere of joint discovery to gain invaluable insight into you and your objectives.

We ask the right questions and provide meaningful answers.

At Our Core We Are Your Strategic Partner

Client advocacy begins with the identification of suitable strategies and products, continues throughout the implementation process and is fully expressed in dedicated, ongoing reporting and service. We help protect client confidentiality and future insurability while leveraging our relationships with life insurance companies to obtain the most favorable underwriting result.

Taking insurance beyond the numbers, infusing it with intelligence, insight & ingenuity.





Wealth Transfer

Executive Benefits

  • Retirement and Risk Management

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