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Business Succession

Retain and Incentivize Key Employees to Protect the Future

Critical to preserving a family’s legacy may be the implementation of a comprehensive succession plan.  Family businesses, businesses with non-related owners and family offices need to address the various contingencies impacting success.  


  • Succession Planning

  • Executive Retention

  • Executive Split Dollar

Succession Planning 

Succession planning is critical to supporting the effective transition of a business from one owner to the next; whether that transition occurs due to a planned exit by the owner or an unexpected or tragic event.  


For a business with multiple owners, it is often imperative that ownership is consolidated into the hands of the remaining active owners. 


Business owners who wish to plan for a smooth ownership transition upon death or disability.

Executive Retention

The business owner needs to attract, retain and motivate their most essential asset ... the senior executives. 


Qualified plan regulations contain restrictions which penalize management and the highly compensated.  Therefore, companies utilize planning techniques such as Executive Split Dollar, 162 Bonus Plans, and Deferred Compensation Programs, to restore parity.


Business owners who wish to place “golden handcuffs” on key senior executives or highly valued employees.

Executive Split Dollar 

This strategy uses a company owned life insurance policy on the executive to provide    pre-retirement death benefits and non-taxable supplemental retirement income to the executive. 


Cost recovery to the company is provided by a tax-deductible bonus of the policy to the executive at retirement or surrender of the policy if the executive leaves before retirement. 


Companies which prefer to avoid the expense of 409a compliance for key executives who are at least 10 years from retirement.

Reduce the Impact of Income Taxes.

Transfer Market Risk, Guarantee Outcomes, and Reduce Taxes.

Maximize Funds Transferred to Family or Charity.

Tax Advantaged Structures to Maximize Retirement Income.

Retain and Incentivize Key Employees to Protect the Future.

A Powerful and Tax-efficient strategy to Fund Large Life Insurance Premiums.

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